What comes to mind when you see the phrase “family-friendly event”?

Bounce houses?

Face paint?

One lone beer tent to appease dehydrated parents?

Most family-friendly events are fun, but they tend to follow the same overall layout and are more about entertaining your young ones in the moment.

What if you could engage in a family-friendly event that was not only fun the day of, but required that your family engage in fun activities leading up to the event? What if you could participate in a family-friendly activity that heightens familial bonds, mental tenacity, and physical strength?

Luckily, you can! It’s called a Spartan Race and it’s something that you and your family can participate in.

What Is a Spartan Race?

Let’s get the basics out of the way first: a Spartan race is, well, a race! It combines the skills that we use every day at Jungle Gym and consists of various obstacles that participants can work together to overcome.

Spartan also has an entire department, Spartan Kids, that is dedicated entirely to races for children ages 4-13. These races range from half-milers for the younger bunch to two-mile grinds for kids in the upper age range (parents are allowed to run with their children in the half-mile races). Some race locations even have family-specific heats!

Check out the video below for some more info highlighting what it means to be a “Spartan Kid.”

Why Should My Family Sign Up for a Spartan Race?

Physical activity does more than build bigger biceps; it’s incredibly beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit. For children specifically, it also sets them up for success later in life. Studies have shown that “physical activity behaviors or habits track from childhood to adulthood.” This essentially means that by engaging in physical activity at a young age, children are more likely to remain physically active as adults.

Further research has found that “increases in joint parent-child physical activity may also be an effective method for increasing activity levels of both parents and children.” Considering that only 39% of children ages 9-13 report that they participate in some kind of organized physical activity, family-friendly physical activities may just be the secret to increasing that number and getting more children acquainted with the importance of purposeful movement.

Spartan races are the perfect platforms for such change. They not only instill confidence in young and old(er) alike, but they promote leadership skills, teamwork, and can help develop decision-making skills; all crucial components of being able to maintain personal, professional, and romantic relationships throughout one’s life.

Spartan Races Are Fun, But Tough – How Do I Get My Family Ready for One?

You’re in luck! You may have noticed the medals hanging on the walls of Jungle Gym. We pride ourselves in being one strong bunch of Spartans and we want to share our love of Spartan races with you and your family; which is why we’ve created training programs that are tailored to specific Spartan races for all fitness levels.

Anyone can do a Spartan race. As long as you can make the commitment to training, you and your family will be ready to compete on race day.

Stay tuned for details on our Spartan race training classes that are designed to prepare you (and your kiddos) for a day of fitness and family-oriented fun!

*Featured Image Courtesy of Spartan Race, Inc*