Open Gym

Open Gym is a place for people who want to come in to the gym and practice their obstacle course skills without the structure of a class. During open gym athletes are able to work on all of the obstacle course equipment, weight lifting, and cardio equipment. The whole gym is open to people who want to come in a cross train or just have fun. Open gym will be supervised by a gym employee but people working out during open gym will be required to sign-in and read the guidelines for open gym.



The Jungle Gym provides a variety of training classes to help people get into shape for an obstacle course race or for general fitness. The The classes will vary between circuit, interval and HIIT. These classes will push athletes to their limits so they will be ready for anything that is thrown their way in life or in competition. These workouts will challenge athletes in a new ways to improve overall fitness and boost energy levels.


Children’s Programs

Jungle Bears training classes focus on teaching children how to have fun and stay safe while performing exercises. The classes will include team building strength exercises and obstacle skills. The kids will be taught how to overcome challenges like rope climb, long jump, hand stand, hanging, monkey bars, and transverse walls with a focus on fun and teamwork.


Camps, Events and Team Building

The Jungle Gym offers group activities for businesses, families and teams to help build teamwork skills or get ready to run a race. The trainings will utilize all the the Jungle Gym equipment to provide a diverse and insanely fun event.


Personal Training

Personal training will be provided for members who would like a one-on-one approach to their fitness adventure. The personal trainers will provide athletes with personalized programs to reach individual goals whether they want to lose weight, gain muscle, or compete in an obstacle course race.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals