“That’s a gym for adults?!”


What Is a Jungle Gym?

When a business sprouts up in a small(ish) town, people talk.

Sometimes, what a company offers is self-explanatory. What certain trademarked gyms offer, for example, is well-known. A new Italian restaurant’s offerings are likely unmistakable. When one drives by Jungle Gym, however, it’s understandable that preconceived notions of what a run-of-the-mill jungle gym is can lead to confusion regarding what this Jungle Gym is.

Let’s get the nitty-gritty out of the way. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a jungle gym is, “a structure of vertical and horizontal bars for use by children at play.” It makes sense that adults would assume that Jungle Gym DGO is a place for children to swing, run, and climb; it partially is, after all! With that being said, this name was chosen for a reason — not to evoke confusion, but to spark curiosity. 

Adults Can Play, Too! 

At Jungle Gym DGO, we want adults to tap into those childlike feelings of wonder and curiosity. We want adults to leap, jump, climb, swing, run, and hop into healthier and happier lifestyles. We want to present the community with fun, challenging workouts that strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. We want you to know that it is possible to have fun while you exercise — to play your way into the results that you want. 

Our workouts are designed to help you connect with the animalistic movements of our ancestors; to show you that you are capable of much more than what people think someone “of your age” is capable of; to help you connect with your inner child; to remind you that adults can play, too. 

Laugher Is Medicine

Watching someone enter Jungle Gym for the first time is always enjoyable. As adults, we have hard outer shells. We have a certain persona for various parts of our lives. We present ourselves differently at work than we do at home; we act differently as parents than we do as spouses or partners. We hate failure. We do not find joy in being bad at something. This is often very clear the first time someone attempts to scale the warped wall, climb a rope, float through the rings, or crawl like a bear. 

Frustration is certainly a part of the “game” when it comes to achieving new levels of fitness. However, once the initial first-timer frustration passes, laugher quickly follows. It bounces from wall to wall like a parkour-enthusiast at a skate park. It is one of the most common sounds you will hear if you pass by Jungle Gym during business hours. Adults that venture into our facility leave without that hard exterior; this is yet another nod to the power of play for adults. 

Science Supports Play

Dr. Stuart Brown, a psychiatrist and author of the book “Play,” supports the implementation of play in the lives of adults. In his book, he writes, “[Play is] all around us, yet goes mostly unnoticed or unappreciated until it is missing.” Dr. Brown is also the head of the nonprofit, National Institute for Play, and adds to this idea by stating, “What you begin to see when there’s play deprivation in an otherwise competent adult is that they’re not much fun to be around. You begin to see that the perseverance and joy in work is lessened and that life is much more laborious.”

Play is important for the wellbeing of not only your children, but yourself as well. While fitness for some (e.g. Olympians and other sponsored athletes) is a full-time job requiring dedication, focus, and a certain level of seriousness, most of us train because we simply want to feel and look healthy. One part of ensuring that you look and feel healthy is by engaging in a routine that doesn’t feel monotonous; that doesn’t feel forced; that doesn’t feel good. By implementing play and by participating in the programs that Jungle Gym offers, you have the unique opportunity to hit the fitness trifecta: health of the mind, body, and spirit.

If you know us and love us, bring a friend in so that he or she can experience the joy of structured, purposeful P L A Y; and if you’re new to our program, welcome to the Jungle!